Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Fest Stay-cation

I have a new mini-kit, Fall Fest Stay-cation.  
You can find the download links HERE at The Studio.  
The download links for the add-on are HERE.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Here are the links for the Blog Train!

Nana's Digi-Blog <---You Are Here

Oops! Here are more downloads!

I just discovered I didn't post the first two weeks of mini-kits for the Next Designer Challenge at The Studio! Wow, I thought things were going better than this.  So here goes-you can download the Blog Train from the previous post AND two more minis plus my part of the Member Mega!

Find the Download Link HERE

Find the Download Link HERE

Find the Download Link HERE

September Blog Train !

I am so frustrated!  I can't get in to Scraps-n-Pieces for the codes for the blog train.  I don't want you to go away empty handed so I'm going to give you my download link and edit this post when I have the others.  My downloads are at Dropbox and here is the LINK.  I hope you enjoy this months downloads!